What's The Frack?

Categories: Documentary 
Feature Television 
Language: Afrikaans English 
Country: South Africa 
Runtime: 01:37:00
In the pristine and sprawling but dry Karoo region of South Africa covering nearly half the country, a farmer is prepared to do all he can to stop shale gas mining, even if it means taking both the powerful oil and gas industry and the government to the highest court on the land.
Information for the audience: 
Directors: Davison Mudzingwa Writers: Francis Yannicq Hweshe Producers: Francis Hweshe Key cast: Jonathan Deal, Sharon Deal, Barry Wugunaile, Daantjie Japhta
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Student project: No Completion date: 2015-11-20 Shooting format: Digital (HD) Aspect ratio: 16:9 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: No